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FUN Company (YMCA)
Fun Company

What is Fun Company?
YMCA Fun Company is a before-and-after school care program provided by the YMCA of Middle Tennessee. It is a child-centered, discovery-based activity time that incorporates volunteers, parents, and school staff to help strengthen family life and supplement your child's educational experience.

What will my child do at Fun Company?
Daily activities include discovery centers, staff initiated games, independent activities, and creative experiences. We allow time for homework, with staff available to answer questions. The YMCA's core values - caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility - are also taught at Fun Company.

Hours of Operation
Fun Company sites open at 6:30 am and close at 6:00 pm. The program will remain open at select "all day" sites on teacher workdays, most snow days, and most holidays for a small additional fee.

For more information about Fun Company and our Summer Odyssey program, contact Joel Borden at 259-3418 ext. 111.

Oliver Middle School works in collaboration with YMCA Fun Company to provide a before and after school program that provides tutorial services as well as life skills services.